Adelaide Eucharistic Adoration Movement


We are a Private Association comprised of Catholic volunteers who dedicate themselves to promoting and encouraging Eucharistic Adoration within our Adelaide Archdiocese.  Archbishop Wilson has entrusted us with this mission.


Our Mission is to assist the Parish Priests and the lay faithful to establish and promote the Eucharistic Adoration with their parishes, and to establish one (or more) Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel(s) within Adelaide Archdiocese.


We pray for:

  • The establishment of the first Perpetual Adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ chapel in the Adelaide area

  • Our Archbishop, archdiocese, priests, seminarians and religious orders, and for an increase of vocation to the priesthood and consecrate life in general

  • The sanctification of persons, families and Catholic communities in Adelaide through growth in deeper and genuine prayer before our Eucharistic Lord

  • Formation of Catholic disciples within Adelaide for service and evangelization

  • Personal prayer and prayer requests submitted through our website and others

To enable this, an official association named Adelaide Eucharistic Adoration Movement has been established under the following conditions:

  • The Adelaide Eucharistic Adoration Movement is an Adelaide Archdiocesan approved Private Association within the Catholic Church in Adelaide under Canon 299 .3. Its statutes are approved by the local Ordinary under CIC Canon 304ff.

  • It is governed by an officially elected committee and is over-sighted by a Spiritual Advisor chosen by its members and confirmed by the Archbishop of Adelaide in accordance with canon 324.

  • The Movement or its members do not have the right to hand on doctrine or to speak in the name of the Church.





St Raphael's Church

19 Young Street, Parkside, SA 5063


M:  0419 810 590



P.O. Box 550

Goodwood, SA 5034



We have expenses to cover such as the costs of candles, electricity, promotional activities. You can donate using the secured button below or go to this page to see other options. 

Thank you for your generosity.

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