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The boy who prayed for a house with Eucharistic adoration a bike ride away

We had a long checklist of requirements for a new house; finding a place with Eucharistic adoration “a bike ride away” was way down the list. But that didn’t stop Max from praying for it.

With all of that working against us, I basically laughed when my ten-year-old son said to me, “Mom, whatever house you choose, make sure it has a Catholic church nearby so I can bike to adoration.”

Max has autism, and sometimes he can get fixated on things. Reasoning with him when he gets like this is almost impossible, though I try anyway. And as I suspected, Max could not understand why we just couldn’t pick any house we wanted that was near a Catholic church. I was getting tired of the whole thing. I finally said, “If it’s so important to you that we live nearby a church so you can bike to adoration, then pray about it and have God pick the house.”

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