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Blessed Dian Belanger: The Holy Hour brings multitudes of souls from the edge and brink of hell to t

Dear Fr. Thomas, I was reading the newspaper this morning about a man from Thailand who should win the Nobel Peace Award for his humanitarian service. Each weekend he comes down from his mountain village and goes into Bangkok. There he searches for young girls who were abducted, kidnapped or tricked and brought to one of the many of hundreds of brothels in the city. These girls are between the ages of twelve and fourteen and have as many as ten customers a night. This man travels a long distance, gets no pay, and risks his life to save them. He has succeeded in bringing over 400 back to their parents and family. Image the joy of a father or mother in seeing their little girt coming back safely to them after such a terrible ordeal? Think of how grateful the parents must be to this man for saving their little girl.

This is nothing in comparison to how grateful God the Father would be to you for having perpetual adoration in your parish, dear Thomas. This is why our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, beatified Dina Belanger. She was a Canadian woman devoted to prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Before her holy hour Jesus would show her multitudes of souls on the precipice of hell. She would see these same souls in the hands of God after her holy hour.

Jesus gave Blessed Dina a message to give to the church. The value of a holy hour is so great that it brings multitudes of souls from the edge and brink of hell to the very gates of heaven.

Think of it this way, Thomas. Because St. Martin was black and illegitimate he was insulted and mistreated. He identified with Jesus, ignored and mistreated in the Blessed Sacrament. As they consoled each other, Martin became more charitable, not hostile, better not bitter. He would spend as many as eight hours each day in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

This so pleased Jesus that he made Martin a miracle worker. He would take a basket of fresh bread from the monastery and go out into the streets to feed the poor. With a single basket of bread he would feed an entire barrio. Martin fed hundreds of starving people with a single basket of bread. You, dear Thomas, save hundreds of people from hell with a single holy hour of prayer in the Presence of the Living Bread come down from Heaven.

This is why Charles de Foucauld spent his whole life before the Blessed Sacrament in a desert in Arabia. His one prayer, "My God, bring all men to salvation."

Have perpetual adoration in your parish, dear Father, and God will be infinitely more grateful to you than the parents in Thailand are to the man who saves their little girls from the brothels. God will spend all eternity thanking you for the countless souls you save.

What could be a greater reason for having perpetual adoration than this fifth grace of salvation?

Fraternally yours in His Eucharistic Love Msgr. Pepe Feast Day of St. Martin de Porres, November 3, 1993

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